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Cody Rosier
Corporate Safety Manager
Cody Rosier has joined the ITC team as the Corporate Safety Manager, with responsibility for Environmental Health and Safety Programs, Safety Technicians, and Corporate Initiatives. Prior to joining ITC, he worked in Environmental Health and Safety for companies such as Stork, Ohmstede, T-Rex and others on a global scale. Cody has years of experience in chemical manufacturing and the oil and gas industry (on-shore and off-shore).

Cody’s greatest strengths are his passion for his work, drive, leadership and thinking outside the box. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. He specializes in EHS compliance and driving a pro-active EHS culture. He has been responsible for EHS compliance for several plant turnarounds during his career as well as reorganization and restructuring of safety departments.

Cody holds numerous certifications in the EHS field and regularly delivers lectures at surrounding colleges and companies regarding the building of a true safety culture as well as bridging the gap between safety and production.
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