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Wrench Time

In our experience it’s important for ITC professionals to be aware of the productivity level in your site. It is essential to understand which areas are strong and which require improvement. You can derive this information and ensure that productivity is optimized in a variety of ways.

ITC for several years has improved productivity levels by implementing wrench time in the oil and gas industry; ITC’s experience shows the typical workforce wrench time is anywhere from 25-35 percent on average . Planning and scheduling can help raise this rate above 50 percent. It is in fact that-even with lean manufacturing, a multitude of other initiatives that seek reduced waste could increase productivity.

It also should be noted that the more observations taken, the greater the accuracy of a given activity breakdown at a given confidence level. Doubling the number of observations gives you a greater outcome that the observed wrench time through work sampling reflects the true wrench time.
Nonetheless, we can measure wrench time with reasonable accuracy with a limited number of days and in a suitable manner.

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